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A copywriting milestone

I’m celebrating a work anniversary – five years at Nicola Young Copywriter. That’s according to LinkedIn anyway and the lovely followers who sent me a message of congratulations on the day. This milestone passed me by because I’ve been copywriting for much longer than that, but it wasn’t until my youngest son started pre-school five… Continue reading A copywriting milestone

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Writing a middle grade manuscript

I have exciting news from Nikki Young Writes and I’ve been bursting to share it. My first book is going to be published soon! Many of you who follow this blog will know I spent a lot of last year working on my young adult manuscript. I finished a second draft and decided that it… Continue reading Writing a middle grade manuscript

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Book review – Oy Yew, by Ana Salote

Oy is a waif. Except he doesn’t know it. He doesn’t know anything about who he is or where he came from. Hiding out in the back alley of a bakery is all he has ever known, until he is captured. When the waif-snatchers ensnare him in their net and deliver him into the hands… Continue reading Book review – Oy Yew, by Ana Salote